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I can still remember the first time I started to take an interest in my family history when,  as RE homework, aged about 13, we were asked to draw up a family tree. This required me talking to my two remaining grandparents to try to get as much information as possible. What struck me was that they didn’t really know a great deal about their ancestors as most had died at a young age and children were expected to be seen and not heard.

My research really began as I was researching my final year dissertation at university. During my research, I happened upon a book listing those who had been pilots on the River Mersey. Remembering that my grandad had told me that his grandfather had been a pilot, I looked him up. To my delight, there he was, complete with year and death of birth. That was it – I was hooked.

During my research, I have unearthed many skeletons and also discovered some people to be truly proud of. I am firmly of the belief that you cannot change your past and each event has, somewhat, shaped us into being the people we are today so, with this in mind, I aim to share some of the more scandalous and amazing stories from my family history.

I welcome your feedback so please feel free to leave comments.

If you would like to contact me regarding anything you have read, I can be contacted at karenfamilyhistory@gmail.com

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    • Hi Sharon! Yes, I’ve seen it – it was once on display at the Maritime Museum – I don’t know whether it still in or whether it’s in storage. I don’t think it was owned by Charles Eyes but, instead, was named after him. I think it more likely to have been named after Charles Eyes junior as he was a merchant.

  1. Hi, I am researching the Seager family also.
    Robert born 1819 in Tiveron married Georgina Charlotte Evans in Barstaple, Devon 1843.
    In 1851 he was a pattern maker living in Everton, Lancashire with his family. He has 2 children born in Liverpool; Charlotte Georgina b 1846 and Henry ( aka John Henry) b 1849.
    By Dec 1851 they are back in Devon living at Seacombe. They emigrated to New Zealand. Have you come across this family in your research?

    • Sorry, I have only just seen this message. I have come across Robert Seager before but have not found a connection. The occupation is interesting, though, as my William Seager was also a patten maker.

  2. Hi Karen, I know this blog was written a few years ago but I found it fascinating, especially the part about James Sherman and John Eyes….James was my 6th GGF and Emblin 6th GGM. Thanks for writing this it has helped me to get a bit of an idea of the type of man James was…..whether I liked it or not 🙂

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